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Column Internals

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Technology Introduction

Our company has excellent technical personnel, including advanced and reliable means of processing, including laser technology. It can provide users with all kinds of services such as design, manufacture, guidance and installation of various tower parts according to different column diameters and different mass transfer needs, so as to meet users' different needs. The company can carry out the experiment of fluid mechanics to ensure the quality of the product.

Technical Features

The liquid distributor and redistributor include the trough liquid distributor, the disc type liquid distributor, the tank tray type gas liquid distributor, and the pipe type liquid distributor. The trough type liquid distributor is a gravity type liquid distributor. It has excellent comprehensive properties: multi-function, low occupancy, anti fouling, anti entrainment, high elasticity, rising liquid level, flash evaporation, suitable extraction, heat transfer, liquid leakage, uniform gas distribution, uniform liquid distribution, mixing and leveling, pressure reduction, saving investment and wide application.


In a large packing tower with low pressure or pressure relief operation, the effect of the initial inlet distributor is particularly important. Through experimental research and production practice, we have screened three types of initial distributor with excellent performance:

<1>Initial radiant inlet distributor

<2>Double Tangential circulation inlet distributor and new double tangential circulation or initial inlet distributor

<3>A double row blade inlet distributor and a new double row blade initial distributor. The radial intake distributor is an initial distributor of axisymmetric three-dimensional, diversion and radiative air intake. It is the latest development of radial intake distributor. Its test results in the diameter 1000 of the tower show that it has a better comprehensive performance.

Liquid Collector

In the packing column, the liquid collector is required to be collected and redistributed between the two sections of the packing, and the liquid is added to the column. Another function of it is to mix the liquid from the different radial positions in the column to the same composition of the liquid entering the next layer. Our company mainly produces the shaded liquid collector and the lift pipe type liquid collector.


The demister is used to separate the droplets entrained in the column to ensure mass transfer efficiency, reduce valuable material losses and improve the operation of the compressor behind the column. It can effectively remove the droplets of 3--5um. If the demister is set in the tray, it can not only ensure the mass transfer efficiency of the tray, but also reduce the spacing of the plate.

Process Flow


Reference Plant


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