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Dilute Formaldehyde Recovery Technology

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Dilute formaldehyde recovery technology

Our company has been reseaching and developing formaldehyde and its downstream field for many years, providing our customers with customized dilute formaldehyde concentration and recovery technologies.    

In the production process of paraformaldehyde and paraformaldehyde, high concentrations of formaldehyde are required as raw materials. However, in normal formaldehyde production, whether it is the silver method or the iron molybdenum method, the product concentration does not exceed 55%. So it is necessary to dehydrate and concentrate the raw formaldehyde, which will produce dilute formaldehyde during the concentration process. Dilute formaldehyde is usually used to produce downstream products with low concentration requirements for formaldehyde raw materials (such as urotropine, methylal, etc.) and to concentrate and recycle.

Our company's dilute formaldehyde concentration and recovery technology is also based on pressurized distillation, using specially designed fillers as separation internals, with high operating flux and efficiency, and relatively small impact of formic acid corrosion. In addition, in order to minimize the methanol content in the product formaldehyde as much as possible, we have set up a methanol separation tower for vacuum alcohol removal before the dilute formaldehyde enters the concentration tower.


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