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The Whole Service Process


  • Overall plan of the project
  • Process package plan
  • Basic engineering design
  • Detailed engineering design


  • Complete purchasing process
  • Professional supply system
  • Complete quality management


  • Installing
  • Adjusting and debugging
  • Construction management


  • Operation and maintenance
  • Technical training

More service we can offer

  • Industry information
  • Market dynamics
  • Purchase service
  • Third party financing


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What kind of chemicals do you want to produce?
What are the capacity and capability of the plant?
Have you got the government approval or not?
Please briefly tell the quantity, the specification, unit price (for commercial proposal) of the feed stock.
What utilities can be provided in the plant site?
Please briefly tell the climate conditions of construction site.
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Jiangsu Huda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Hubei Sanli Fengxiang Technology Co., Ltd.) is a young technology company specialized in providing EPC contracting service and the import & export of chemical plants
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