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Stable And Advanced Formaldehyde Production Technology From Chinese Manufacturer

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Formaldehyde Production Technology


37% formaldehyde solution, 50kt/a

Process Introduction

The reaction formula for the oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde is as follows:

CH3OH+1/2 O2 → CH2O

The air is fed into the evaporator by a blower, and the ingredient steam is also added to the evaporator. After mixing with methanol and air, it enters the oxidizer for reaction. The methanol gas produced after methanol conversion enters the absorption tower, where the formaldehyde absorption tower is a single tower for absorption, and the final exhaust gas is sent to the incinerator for treatment. This process utilizes the thermal energy of formaldehyde at the bottom of the absorption tower to heat and evaporate methanol and air, achieving comprehensive utilization of thermal energy.

Estimated Investment

The normal annual occupation of project working capital is about 27.2813 million yuan, of which the initial working capital is 8.1844 million yuan; The total investment for project approval is the sum of construction investment, interest during the construction period, and initial working capital, totaling 30.4994 million yuan.

What we have done 

1. A 95 TPD formaldehyde production project with a concentration of 55% in collaboration with SK Company in Thailand;

2. Indonesia's 50000 ton/year silver based formaldehyde (37%) production plant.

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