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Safe And Clean Technology on Glycine Preparation Provided by Chinese Manufacturer

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Glycine Preparation Technology

The main steps of preparing glycine by hydration method are as follows: first, add glycine sulfate to water, stir evenly, and hydrate it; Then evaporate the resulting glycine solution to a suitable concentration; Finally, concentrating and drying glycine to obtain high-purity glycine products. Overall, the hydration method for preparing glycine is currently the most advanced glycine preparation method, with a simple preparation process, low cost, environmental protection, and high efficiency. With the continuous improvement and development of this technology, it is believed that the preparation of glycine in the future will be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. In addition to acid-base and aqueous methods, there are other methods for preparing glycine, such as ammoniation and biological fermentation. These methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different production scenarios.

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