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Specialized and Stable Production Technology of Urotropine (Gas Phase Method)

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Production Technology of Urotropine (Gas Phase Method)

1) Technical introduction

The content of urotropine products is 99.3%, and normal production may not produce formaldehyde. The gas phase method of using urotropine process has the characteristics of stable device performance, small land occupation, simple operation, low investment, and pollution-free emissions, achieving comprehensive energy utilization.

2) Product name and its physical properties

Ulotopine chemical name: hexamethylenetetramine, also known as H promoter, molecular formula: (CH2) 6N4. The structural formula is as follows:


Urotropine is a white powdery crystalline substance, odorless and sweet, with a stimulating effect on the skin. Specific gravity 1.27 (25 ℃). Stable in air storage, but prone to moisture absorption and agglomeration. When heated to above 100 ℃ under normal pressure, there is a small amount of volatile decomposition, but it can evaporate 18.38% within 40 hours of prolonged heating. When heated to 280 ℃, sublimation begins, but does not dissolve. Under normal pressure, when the temperature rises to 200 ℃, hydrocyanic acid, methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. are produced in the decomposition products. When the temperature reaches 230-270 ℃ under vacuum, sublimation is extremely fast and segregation occurs. Ulotopine is flammable and its combustion flame is colorless.

3) Investment

With the capacity of 20000 tons per year, the estimated investment is about 16 million Yuan.

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