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Technology Provider of Polymethoxy Dimethyl Ether(DMMn) in China

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This process uses methanol and formaldehyde as raw materials to pass through a new type of specialized bed reactor with special internal configuration developed by China University of Petroleum (East China), and then undergoes reaction distillation, coupled distillation, extraction distillation, pressure swing distillation, and other technologies to finally obtain the product. And through multi-level separation engineering and technology, products can be produced in various combinations of DMM2, DMM3-4, DMM3-5, and DMM3-6, which can be flexibly adjusted according to market and downstream conditions.

The main characteristics of this process are:a fixed bed continuous reactor with a special internal structure has high mass transfer efficiency, fast reaction speed, no bed pressure drop, and different concentrations of formaldehyde can be fed; The system has a high level of integration, a short process, low investment in device construction, low operating costs, and good economic effects.


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