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Acrylic Acid Preparation Technology

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Acrylic acid preparation technology (methyl acetate+methanol method)

Process introduction:

Acrylic acid is an important organic chemical raw material, widely used in the production of polypropylene, plastics, coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and other aspects. There are currently several commonly used acrylic acid preparation techniques: solution method: this method involves reacting propylene gas with a solvent under the action of a catalyst to obtain an acrylic acid solution. Commonly used solvents include toluene, xylene, butanone, etc. This method has lower production costs, but lower product yields and more by-products.

Separation method: This method involves reacting propylene gas with water under the action of a catalyst to obtain an acrylic acid solution. Subsequently, the solution is evaporated and concentrated, and the crude acrylic acid is obtained through heating or vacuum treatment. This method has a high product yield but high cost.

Thermal cracking method: This method involves pyrolysis of petroleum raw materials containing propylene, such as kerosene, light diesel, etc., at high temperatures to obtain propylene gas. Propylene gas undergoes a catalytic reaction with a catalyst to obtain acrylic acid. This method has a lower production cost, but more by-products and significant environmental pollution. Other methods: There are also some other methods for preparing acrylic acid, such as microwave method, hydrolysis method, acetylation method, etc.

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