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Congratulations on the Successful Start-up of Xinjiang MMA plant!

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   The 110,000 TPA methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer project,set up by Jiangsu Huda Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.was successfully started, and qualified finished products were produced. This production technology is regarded as the world's first MMA industrial plant through coal chemical route.


After the completion of the project, it is the world's first coal chemical route MMA industrial demonstration unit, which can greatly promote the development of coal chemical new material industry and completely break the blockade of western developed countries in the field of MMA technology. This process is advanced in technology, high in economic efficiency, safe and environmentally friendly in the production process, and belongs to the cleaner production process encouraged by the state.


Product usage:

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is mainly used in PMMA acrylic industry . It is one of the indispensable new materials in advertising, paint, coating, automobile, optical information materials and other industries. In particular, all the downstream products of high-performance MMA have been imported, such as optical grade PMMA, ray proof PMMA, optical fiber, liquid crystal display, etc.

After the completion of the project, it will become the largest MMA monomer production base in China, drive the development of relevant industrial chains, form industrial clusters, greatly promote the extended development of the local coal chemical industry, and play an important role in optimizing Xinjiang's industrial structure, accelerating high-quality development, and increasing local employment.


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