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2022 Year End Party ——“New Expedition to a Glorious Future, Making Efforts to Achieve a Win-Win Benefit.”

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On 14th, Jan, 2022, Jiangsu Huda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, Hubei Sanli Fengxiang Technology Co., Ltd, Anhui Sanli Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Jiuhong Chemical technology Co., Ltd held together the “Year End Party”, with the theme of “New Expedition to a Glorious Future, Making Efforts to Achieve a Win-Win Benefit”.

Firstly Mr Li summarized the company’s achieving of 2021.

“This year, our company has completed 6 major projects, of which 5 are successfully commissioned with achieved production and standard, the other one is going to be commissioned after the Spring Festival.”

Shandong Shilian Heimao New Material Co, Ltd 120,000TPY Neutral Sodium Phenolate Process and Wastewater Treatment Plant. This technology is developed by our company, which is the world's first set of unit of Engineering Extraction Desalination. The salt is white and delicate, reaching the specification of excellent products, and fundamentally solving the problem of waste salt treatment in coal chemical wastewater treatment.


Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd 4,000TPA Dioxolame Plant. The whole process of the project is designed, purchased, constructed and managed strictly in accordance with the highest standards of the engineering industry, and the one-time start-up is successful. The purity of the product reaches the highest industry standard of 99.99%.

Xinjiang Zhongyou Puhui Technology Co., Ltd 10,000TPA MMA Plant. This technology is developed by our company being the first set of using methanol to produce MMA in the world, which greatly reduces MMA production cost and technical barriers. The plant construction has finished, and will start up for commissioning after the Spring Festival.

Sichuan Leshan Fuhuatongda Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd 120,000TPA Methylal Hydrolysis Plant This project is developed by our company being the first set of plant around the world, which has perfectly solved the treatment of pesticide industry by-product methylal.


Hangmo Technology New Material(Fuyang) Co., Ltd 50,000TPA Phenol Recovery and Waste Water Treatment Plant. This technology is improved by our company based on our mature technology. After the completion, it reaches the production standard at one time, which has been highly recognized by the owner.

Wuhai Shilian Environmental Protection LLC Renovation of Resorcinol Plant up to Production and Standard

Meanwhile, Mr Li put forward the expectation towards the New Year: I hope in 2022, the company operation could be more professional, and customer’s demand could be satisfied at the first time for a better recognition.

Mr Zhang proposed to complete the certification of Chemical Design Qualification in 2022 and upgrade to Class A within 5 years.

Mr Xu summarized the working report and gave the blessing to every one.

“Wish our company move toward magnificently overcoming all the difficulties. The way is arduous and long, but you will reach your destination by moving forward. If you can persevere, you will find the future of happiness and success. Work hard together for our better 2022!”

Mr Huang summarized Wuhan technical department working report, and proposed” Focus Leads to Professionalism.”

Continue to introduce fresh blood to ensure the company's technology heritage

Continue to optimize the working process and improve working efficiency.

Outstanding Employees Award

Outstanding Employees Photo

Outstanding Employees Mr Cui and Ms Song delivered their acceptance speech.

Mr Cui works hard, customer centered and with persevering spirit.

Ms Song said: “ This is the forth year that I join in this big family, I have learned a lot on designing.I hope that I could work excellently for company’s better satisfaction.

The Leader energized: The company shall develop through competition and iterative development, and move to a glorious future by concerted and unremitting efforts. The future emerging industry tends to be the new energy, new materials and industrial internet. Expect that we can get more achivements.

The General Manager, Mr Xiang Jiayong, summarized:

Our team is unbeatable, I believe all members of HUDA can be qualified to any kind of work. Thanks to all of you for what you have done in the past! Besides, please keep this in heart:” Only when we are with customers can we know their demands”.

We are keeping on our customers side forever. 


The Dinner Party. A toast to our bright future!

Interesting games and dance programs. We enjoy the program while eating delicious food.

Hip-hop from a little smart boy.


Lottery link with incredible prizes

The Star Prize Winner

The Year End Party of 2021 has been successfully concluded. All the gains this year are inseparable from the hard work of each one. 2022 is coming. Hope we can cheer together, forge ahead together and write a new chapter!

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